Our aeroclub provides services from spring to autumn with the following fees:

Service Fee Remarks
Engined recruiting flight 7 €/minute On every days for 3 persons at once: Recruiting flight
Glider recruiting flight* 15 €/take-off** For 1 person at once***
Glider pilot training1499 €/personFor glider, through badge B (aerotowing)
Aerotow 5 €/minute Variable pitch propeller, 180 HP, Cessna 172 tow plane
Accommodation (bungalow) 10 €/person/night 2 two-storey bungalows with 10 beds, 4 rooms, and a shared shower
Accommodation (camping) 5 €/person/night Electricity end points and shared bathroom provided
Casual hangar storage 5 €/day/aircraft Preliminary coordination needed
Glider tie-down
Only for gliders tied down next to clubhangar
Event room 65 €/day Izobar for rent
Wi-Fi access
For guests of the aeroclub
Group flight To be negotiated Company events, team buildings, class trips etc.
Aerial photography To be negotiated

* For this ground crew with enough persons needed because of the winch launching method.
** For flights longer than 10 minutes, 0.7 €/minute extra cost will be applied after 10 minutes.

Prices include VAT.