Apply For Our Glider Pilot Training

Training fee (aerotowing): 599,000 HUF

Lower age limit for application: 15 years (you can drive an airplane alone sooner than a car!)

Prerequisite: successful medical examination

Payment schedule: after valid medical exam and before starting theoretical training

Start of flights: 1st of April

Please use the following email addresss or phone number for application and inquiry:

Email address:

About gliding

Gliding is the safest, cheapest and – maybe we can say without bias – most beautiful way of flying.

The reason for this is that gliding is flying without engines. It is performed via aerodynamically ideally shaped, lightweight but strongly structured aircrafts. An engined machine (a towing airplane or a winch) is needed to get them into the air only, but once the glider is airborne, the pilot uses the energies of the nature only.

In our courntry this is the so-called thermal, which is an ascending airflow that is generated by warmer thus lighter than the surrounding air. Gliders circling in the raising warm air are getting higher and they use this height for soaring between thermals.

(1): air warmed by surface, (2): path of the glider in a thermal, (3): down-draft, (A): cumulus cloud

The purpose of glider training is, like driving a car, to obtain a “pilot license”, a so-called “license”, which allows the pilot to perform individual flights. The first step of this is to perform a solo flight under the supervision of an instructor, but already on the glider alone, controlling the plane. The training is done with a so-called two-seater glider, where both the instructor and the student have access to all the controls, so that the aircraft can be safely controlled under supervision.

The training takes place after a medical exam and a theoretical course performing winch launches, during which the prospective pilot learns straight-line gliding, performing turns, take-offs and landings, and prepares for special situations. This requires about 60 take-offs, which can be accomplished in a few weeks, but can be easily accomplished in the months of the summer season.

As a car driver’s license can only be obtained at a car driving school, pilot training is only possible in an eligible aeroclub. The only airfield in Tolna County is Őcsény Airport, where the Őcsény Aeroclub has been operating for over 60 years. In our club, instructors with decades of instructor experience are waiting for future pilots.

More photos about life in our aeroclub: